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ImageParts of My Life 

  • Nature: I used to live off the grid with a wind turbine and solar panels for 12 years and taught wildlife conservation to teens. I still consult as an ecologist, am writing a children's eco-adventure novel, and I love being outdoors. 
  • Family and Friends: In the past, I didn't make such great choices in my intimate relationships, but out of that I have an amazing daughter.  I now have an incredible wife and co-raise three great kids.  I love my extended family, have always had great friends and they just keep getting better. 
  • Spirituality:  I cherish my daily meditation practice. My life incorporates much of what I've studied: Christianity, Aboriginal Spirituality, Paganism, Buddhism, connectivity to Nature.  
  • Emotional/Mental Health: I have always been lucky to have a pretty good attitude through the ups and downs.   
  • Physical Health: I played junior hockey, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and my all time favourite, baseball.  I still play hockey and lately, I've become a yoga nut.   
  • Work: Technically, I am an ecologist.  Practically, I'm a consultant, a writer, a ecosystem restorer, and forest therapy guide and teacher.  

Leading from within and balancing all the parts of my life.....The reason I wrote this book, I offer workshops and retreats, and is why I offer help.


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