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You’re good at your job and in many ways, great with your kids. You help out, and have fun with sports and friends.  Yet you’re not getting the overall feedback that you’re in “right action”.  You’re not the superhero of your own life. 

For many of us, we learned that right action is largely reserved for some areas more than others (work, friends, extracurricular). While we might be less defined by the stereotype of what it means to be “men”, somehow we haven’t yet made the leap to balance all those parts of our lives as if they’re equally important.  

That leap - to lead from within and value equally all spheres - nature, family, friends, work, spirituality, emotional, mental and physical health, and fun - is what makes someone fully human.   Yet, men have been taught three substitutes:

i) Ego; ii) Distractive Energy Seeking iii) Immaturity in your Life (not fully growing up).

When we live from wrong action: cut off from balancing those spheres, it always hurts us somewhere.  It prevents us from being fully human. 

What if you could learn to tap that way of being that lets your true power permeate through each moment of your life? Man, you would be finally you. Your relationships would be clearer, stronger. Your wife would really like you. You would have better, more frequent sex. Your kids would actually respect you. Your job would seem easier, more meaningful, and money - or the lack thereof - would stop being such a barrier in your life. In short, you would be able to ride the ups and downs in life with joy, and the world would be that much a better place.

Right Action Man is a series of profound insights for men to manage their lives in a caring, well-rounded way, leading to more joy, better relationships and a better planet. 

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